For Your Listening Pleasure: Debussy

Well the weekend is almost here.  Time to unwind, hopefully. Maybe sit back, have a drink of wine and watch the late summer sun drift down below the tree line as the stars come out to shine.  Sure life throws its curve balls and sometimes you want to scream your head off but this is not that time.  Because its moments like this you realize want a wonderful world God created and how something as simple as the moonlight and the stars can inspire such alluring, mysterious, and beautiful music as “Claire De Lune” What?

Well…OK, you may not actually think that exact thought…but I was setting the mood.

Ahead of his time, Claude Debussy would layer melodies upon each other creating an atmosphere of music.  He created soundtracks that could accompany a painting on the wall, faded memories, or simply whatever plays out in your imagination while listening to it.  I do not have the expertise to further explain my appreciation of Debussy’s music but when I listen to his “l’ Apres de Midi” or “la Mer” I feel as if I can get lost and forget about everything around me.  You’ll find samples of each music score in the video playlist below.

You may or may not have caught the clever Google Doodle earlier this week celebrating Debussy.  If you did not or were to busy to truly enjoy it I encourage you take a couple minutes to do so.  You can find it here:


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